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Moisturising Therapy Cream

(54 customer reviews)



54 reviews for Moisturising Therapy Cream

  1. Kirsty

    The best moisturiser I’ve ever used – and I work at an organic skincare company!
    Leaves my skin hydrated, soft and glowy in the morning. I love the herbal ingredients used too – I know it’s actually doing my skin good unlike a conventional moisturiser. Smells nice and has a really nice buttery texture. Won’t ever use anything else again! 🙂

  2. Wendy

    I have tried many different moisturisers over the years and this one is a keeper! A lovely luxurious cream, it has a delightful uplifting smell and feels like a mini spa treatment each time I use it . Thank you x

  3. Stephanie Macgregor

    Absolutely incredible cream!

    I have always opted for well known brands thinking I couldn’t get any better, but how Arvense has changed my opinion on this!

    This creams amazing, it soaks in to your skin so beautifully never leaving it greasy or sticky. Since using this my pores have been minimised, my skin has been clearer and generally healthy.

    To top it off the smell is divine and truly is a treat to apply morning and night!

    I would highly recommend anyone trying this cream, because it really is a game changer.

  4. Victoria Tinne

    I have already commented on this wonderful moisturising therapy cream before this will be about my 5th pot! I can’t do without it! SO PLEASE send me another pot just the minute it comes back into stock. Thank you.

  5. Liam O Hannrachain

    Wearing this therapy cream is like wearing a beautiful silky coat of armour while sleeping. I never sleep without applying a layer to my face and I consider it a second skin. I was really happy with my previous moisturizer however it now pales in comparison. Thank you.

  6. Diane

    I absolutely love this cream. I haven’t found anything else which makes my skin feel so nourished and look glowing. Highly recommend!

  7. Kate

    Amazing! What a find! At 59 I’ve used many…but this has topped them all. I’ve been using it for 3 years. My dehydrated skin has been transformed, feeling balanced and soft. I treated a couple of friends over Christmas and they were over the moon and also hooked!

  8. Sahar

    I am so happy that I finally found the most fabulous cream I ever had. I have experience with a lot of products and famous creams, but after I discovered Arvense Cream I would never choose anything else. The cream has a rich texture that is so good for dehydrated skin. I feel that my skin is much brighter and properly hydrated. It is a wonderful product.

  9. Julie

    I love, love this cream, I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful. This cream is amazing, after using this for the last 3 weeks I’ve noticed a big improvement in my skin. It just looks healthier and feels so silky and soft, I wouldn’t want to use anything else now.

  10. Steph

    Since using Arvense, my skin has been glowing. I continuously receive comments that my skin looks plump and smooth. Arvense blends so well with my skin and is a great day & night cream, full of natural ingredients. Its my staple.

  11. Chantelle

    I had been searching for a face cream for a while as my skin is quite sensitive and I reacted to a few. I get acne breakouts sometimes, so can be wary when trying something new. I’m super happy with Arvense Skincare. It has worked wonders on my face and made it super soft and it smells absolutely gorgeous! Highly recommend xx

  12. Christine Mackinnon

    This cream is liquid gold!! I have never been one for taking care of my skin very much…the odd bit of moisturiser here and there was as good as it got. I don’t wear make up so i never really felt the need. However, this last while my skin has been feeling dry and dehydrated – more so since the daily facemask wearing. Having tried a few other products, i came across the Arvense Instagram page. I ordered a pot and tried it as soon as it arrived. Amazing – the smell alone had me hooked! My only mistake was letting it run out before ordering a new pot. I won’t be doing that again. Natural ingredients at a very affordable price, what’s not to love. Would highly recommend.

  13. Jane Hamilton

    Just placed another order for this amazing cream. I just love how it makes my skin feel and LOVE the smell and texture. I’ve noticed a definite difference, skin feels much smoother and looks brighter. I highly recommend trying it 💕

  14. Guinko Bazzano

    My husband is a cosmetic surgeon & I am always trying different products but I can honestly say this is the best cream I have ever used. It is so hydrating and smells beautiful and has given my skin a new and radiant glow.

  15. Sabah Boronbay

    This is the best cream
    I have ever used, I love it! I love the scent and the richness of it and how beautifully it absorbs into my skin.

  16. Sarah Thomson

    Absolutely LOVE this cream. I have combination skin which can be sensitive to new products however, I am pleased to say I had no breakouts from using Arvense. This cream improved the overall appearance of my skin and it felt so moisturised without being greasy. Highly recommended!

  17. Laura P

    I have never been one for lotions and potions but treated myself to arvense as I felt I deserved a treat. That’s exactly what I got. It has a beautiful texture which goes on my skin like silk, and the smell is just so fresh, so spa like. I am loving it. Will be recommending to all ❤️

  18. Victoria Tinne

    I have used this now for nine months and am about to order my third jar of this amazing moisturising cream. I had an big operation on my leg and ankle and was in hospital during which time I don’t know what I would have done without ARVENSE. I have to say I was introduced to it by Anne Baines and she as usually ordered it for me as I was unable to so it is a great thanks to her

  19. Caitlin

    This nourishing cream is full of gorgeous ingredients that feels great to put on. On make up free days I apply it liberally like a mask for extra hydration. For every day, it’s perfect as a base and helps make for a glowing skin.

  20. Virginie

    The smell stays all day, the skin feels firm and feels good. My face skin is more uniform, no patches.

  21. Liz

    The smell and the texture are both amazing. I love that fact that it can be used as both a day and night cream. It is also so important to me how natural the ingredients are.

  22. Laura

    I absolutely love it. I love the texture, I love the smell, I love that it isn’t greasy or oily. It rejuvenates my skin every single day.

  23. Kemi

    I love the product because it actually sinks into the skin instead of staying on the surface, and it smells and feels like a professional spa treatment.

  24. Maria Salazr

    I love the wonderful smell and non greasy texture. Fantastic!

  25. Sophie Makhouli

    I love the beautiful smell and all-day nourishment this cream gives my skin

  26. Anne

    I absolutely love the Arvense cream and everything about it: the gorgeous smell that gives me a spa experience feel every morning when I apply it, to the texture which is light but yet moisturising and above all the results: my skin feels and looks smooth and radiant, I have less fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I had been a loyal customer of Lancôme all my life but I have now adopted Arvense (and am also saving a lot of money in the process).

  27. Lorna

    I just love the rich feel, and the smell. A gorgeous cream.

  28. Iona

    My face is so soothed and comfortable after no other creams over the years being anything like as good- and I no longer worry about what my skin is absorbing as it’s the first cream I also trust for its healthy ingredients and the results actually show.
    I’ve had dry skin for most of my life and if I ever forget to pack this cream I badly miss it.
    I have even told friends about it who like it as much and thank you

  29. Rebecca

    I decided to try the moisturiser out, slightly sceptical as my skin is combination oily/ dry and doesn’t cope well with most brands. I have therefore used the same thing for years but I am so pleased that I did give Arvense a go! The cream is thick and luxurious, and it leaves your skin feeling plump and super hydrated (not oily). Over time my skin appeared brighter and dry patches gone. I would highly recommend it!

  30. Victoria

    SO pleased I have discovered Arvense. I have combination skin, the dreaded oily t zone and sensitive cheeks with enlarged pores. A month in and I can go around without make up and that’s a first for me and approaching 50 chuffed to bits. My pores are definitely smaller, broken veins reduced and overall skin glow and complexion has evened out. You have to try Arvense you will be so pleased you did!

  31. Roxanne

    This cream is amazing, and I feel it work immediately. No joke. I don’t know how many creams out there you can actually feel, but I returned to this one after being off it for a while, because it’s the best. So grateful for this product! Thank you

  32. Mairi Coghill

    I have been using Arvense for six months now and I have never looked back! Almost immediately, I noticed a reduction in redness in my skin and my face was soon blemish free. I then decided to try it on my teenage daughter, who was suffering from oily, blemished skin. The difference with her was outstanding. The natural healing properties of this cream, just worked wonders with her. Dare I say, I have a happy teenager! I just can’t recommend Arvense enough.

  33. Jessica

    I have long been a soap and water girl with little time for pampering. Arvense cream is the one luxury I allow for my skin and it makes up the need for anything else. It absorbs so easily and rehydrates my skin leaving it soft and plumped instantly which along with the clean natural scent makes me feel like I have had a trip to a spa every morning! I highly recommend it to everyone but especially to those who are terrified at the prospect of a lengthy skincare routine!

  34. Cecilie

    I have used this amazing cream for a month now and I can already see a difference in my skin. My skin looks and feels so much more hydrated and it has given me a lovely glow. Several of my friends have actually commented on my new skin glow and have now also started using the cram. I can not recommend it enough.

  35. Michelle

    I’ve just started using this cream and love it. It’s not greasy, it soaks in and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. I love the smell and the fact that a little goes a very long way. Highly recommend trying it.

  36. Katia

    I have been using Arvense for 1.5 year now, and I can honestly say that it is my best facial cream ever! And I have used a lot of products in the past. This one makes my skin feel and look fresh and amazing.

  37. Alex

    This cream is the best! Feels so rich and nourishing! I can’t get enough of it! I am in love with the scent and the beautiful texture! Thanks 🙂

  38. Lily

    This amazing face cream is honestly the best I have ever used. It feels both nourishing and creamy without being greasy. I love it and wouldn’t use anything else.

  39. Angie Bell

    I found this cream so good! Extremely nourishing day or night, I’m sold out for it! And the smell is gorgeous! Try it, you’ll love it!

  40. Giulia

    A wonderful moisturiser that really nourishes my skin and keeps it feeling moisturised all day. The smell is amazing too and so refreshing!

  41. Evelyn

    This cream is amazing, it leaves my skin feeling soft and revitalised and knowing that the ingredients are natural is an added bonus.

  42. Amanda

    I have been using this cream for over one year now it is amazing on my skin ,I have very sensitive skin and tried many creams in the past ,with Arvense my skin looks much smoother ,brighter and well nourished.I would not consider using
    any other cream.

  43. Cynthia Calder

    I was a bit worried about trying this cream as I have quite oily skin which is also very sensitive. But I needn’t have worried at all this cream is lovely on my skin. Moisturises where it needs to without being greasy. I have noticed a difference in my skins appearance too. Have a nice healthy glow and it looks nourished. I used to get the odd spot or blemish but not any more. Cannot recommend this cream enough. Plus you only need a tiny bit so it’s very cosy effective and excellent value for money.

  44. Charlotte MacInnes

    This cream has made a difference like no other to my skin. My make up goes on so much smoother as it has visibly shrunk my pores. I gave the cream to my teenage niece who had an acne breakout and the difference it made for her was amazing, the cream was very healing and her skin hasn’t looked better. I cant imagine using any other cream now!

  45. Sia

    The cream is fabulous. I am a lady of darker complextion and was scepticle if this could be suitable for my skin type. But it worked very well to hydrate and moisturise my skin throughout the day. My skin looked brighter coupled with my basic skin care regime my face is looking and feeling healthier.

  46. Saskia

    Luxurious. Incredibly smooth to touch and soaks effortlessly into the skin. Officially my go to cream.

  47. Milena

    This cream is the most nourishing, moisturising cream I have used and keeps my skin moisturised the whole day! My skin looks healthy and is glowing!

  48. Chrissie

    I’ve been using this for a few years and can honestly say that I am the biggest fan. I’m in my 50’s and always had trouble with horribly dry and flaky patches, and oversensitivity to most
    face creams. I’d always land up with flaky bits after a while. This has transformed my skin totally. I love the delicious smell too 🙂

  49. Bruna

    I saw the cream on my friends Instagram and decided to try it as I love checking new skincare products. I started using it over a week ago and my skin is just glowing, and it became really smooth. I love it, and now my boyfriend started wearing it too, we both really enjoy the smell! I might need to get him one!

  50. Natalja

    My friend introduced me to Arvense & I am so happy to find a natural cream that actually works better than my expensive premium brand product & without the nasties . Such a good price

  51. Nina

    The Arvense cream is absolutely Incredible . I love the texture that melts in my skin & the smell is heavenly . I have worked in the Skincare industry for 20 years & used / worked with many many products & can honestly say this is the most effective treatment for radiance , firming , smooth skin & hydration . The ingredients are are so wonderful – proving the power of nature . This cream really works & it’s such a joy to use . So happy to have found this gem & very good value for money

  52. Margaret

    I am happy to say that is my cream, which make my skin younger and smoothing my lines around my mouth and chin. Make it deferent, which previous creams not gave me such visible effect. Strongly recommended !

  53. Laura

    I’ve been using this product for over a year now. It’s my go to product. Completely nourishes my skin, nothing else I’ve used (there’s been a lot) compares to it. Excellent value for money and contains only the best ingredients.

  54. Anna

    I just started using this cream a week ago and within 3 days I started noticing a difference. My pores appeared to have reduced in size, which is one of the main reasons I was interested in this product. I have larger pores and I immediately noticed the change. I also noticed a natural glow within days. My husband even commented, which is when you know there is a difference! It is now part of my nightly routine and I absolutely love it!! It is also a great price, a bargain for the quality!

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